WordPress Dating PluginWant to turn WordPress into a Full Featured Professional Dating Site? With the WordPress Dating Plugin you now can.

The WordPress Dating Plugin is a unique plugin specifically designed for WordPress. Full of the features you need in a professional dating website.
The WordPress Dating Plugin is Paypal ready meaning you can charge your members to communicate with other members.

The WordPress Dating Plugin is provided by wpdating.com.

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  1. We have the dating plugin installed on our 420singles.net site and so far we’re going pretty good with it. We’re approaching 20,000 members and growing fast. The dating plugin has been a life saver for us. We tried all the other products like Skadate, Boonex, VLD and they just didn’t fit our need. Support with Cimon has been really awesome. He’s personally helped me tweek a few things and didn’t charge me for it. We’re very happy with what we have right now. I’ll post more comments to this page as we grow. We haven’t turned on our payment feature yet for we’re still free but our members are really liking the functions and features.

  2. I’ve read a couple reviews of the WordPress dating plugin so let me tell you about our experience. We use the wordpress dating plugin for our Thai dating site. We have almost 100,000 members and going strong. Our memberships are up and our subscriptions are pretty decent as well. If you’re going to start a specific type of dating site then I recommend this dating plugin. Support is really good. They get back to you within minutes of your questions.

    1. Hi Ning, Can you tell me more about the WordPress dating plugin. Did you get from idatingsolutions? I would like to visit your site if you don’t mind.

  3. The Android mobile app looks pretty cool. I’ve been looking at their product for a few weeks now. Good response times from them with my emails. I’m waiting to get the plugin when the iPhone app comes out. They told me that it’s coming out in a few days so I’m excited to see it.

  4. It’s missing a speed dating module. I asked them if they were going to add one and they said they were looking into it. I suppose they don’t get a lot of requests for this feature. I compared DatingSolutions with Skadate and Skadate is more expensive, no free support. So far DS looks pretty good for the price.

  5. We’re looking at this solution as well. We read Jason Lees review of the dating plugin. Completely disagree with his review. After looking at the dating plugin and his review, I came to the understanding that Jason Lee seems to be attacking DatingSolutions. He states that the dating plugin doesn’t have an affiliate program when it does. This and other things is what leads me to believe he’s attacking them.

    1. We have seen that review that he has done. We can say that all the features that he says doesn’t exist, do exist. They are in the dating plugin. Not sure why he would say they don’t. We also have many customers that use the dating plugin successfully. The key to a successful dating site is to have a good profile base, be current with your pages and posts and do your marketing.

      The beauty of this WordPress Dating Plugin is that you can make your dating site look however you want it look. With the thousands of themes out there and the possible page setup combinations, you can have it look like you want it. Not like a off the shelf template you get with other dating software applications. Plus the thousands of plugins that are available to only enhance your site and the user experience. That is what the dating plugin does.

  6. Looks good. Just needs more dating themes. I’m waiting on the iPhone app.

  7. I am overjoyed by the DatingSolutions software, which I embrace as a golden nugget for my online dating business AngelsOnTheBlock.com. I am coming from a place of experience with online dating software to know that DatingSolutions for Word Press is an ace product that prevails above all other dating software. It operates fluently and sports sophisticated features with ease. The icing on the cake is vested in the phenomenal customer support, which I do not believe exists in the industry with any other dating software. Michael Allen has not only created a superior product to run with but has stood by it as a praiseworthy cushion of support. It is essential to have a reliable point of contact in any business and Michael has served as someone who is always there. He is a hands on guy who has gone the extra mile in working with my web developer and making sure himself that an update to the software was installed correctly and all the right ducks were in place.

  8. I don’t like the blandness of it. I get that it has to fit most wordpress plugins but I prefer more of a dating design. Here’s hoping they’ll put out a really nice design.

  9. Does anyone know if this plugin will work with inkthemes.com? More specific the Figero theme by inkthemes. I like those themes and I think it would look nice with the dating plugin.

    1. Yes, it comes with the Figero theme and more.

      1. Cool. Good to know. Thanks for the reply.

  10. It’s a really nice plugin. We’ve worked with them for about a year now and like the fact that they continue to release updates with new features and functions. It has progressed nicely from when we bought it. We to are waiting for the ios app.

  11. I see this and think about start site for dating in my country cambodia. will this dating plugin work for my country??? i have wordpress now so want to start it.

    1. If you have WordPress installed then you can install the dating plugin. It gets installed on any page in your WP site. Since you’re in Cambodian I assume you’ll want to change the English to Khmer so all you do is search/replace the text from within the admin area. The dating plugin has an extensive language admin area so you can change all of the text on the site. Since Khmer is not like the English language, you’ll need to edit the charset and change it to charset=windows-874.

  12. We used the sweet theme but it’s total crap. It doesn’t have all the features that the dating plugin has. We installed the dating plugin on top of the sweet theme. The sweet theme by itself is a good dating theme but if you’re going to use that theme then use the dating plugin over it. You’ll have to disable some of the sweet theme functions but they don’t work that well anyway so disabling them is not a bad thing.

  13. How much money I have to pay for this plugin? If I want to use this plugin demo then I can get it and if yes then for how much time?

  14. I would want to use a theme, but without the quick search on the front page, will this be possible?

    1. The front page is a template so if you don’t want the quick search you’ll have to remove it via the file and that you need html knowledge.

  15. I just saw the new 4.8 and it looks pretty cool. I like the new profile layout. I also see that there are 7 new dating templates. I assume this works for the Dzonia theme so does it work with other themes as well? I have only tried the Dzonia and 2012 and it works there. Just haven’t had time to test other ones. I guess since you have the different templates then it wouldn’t really matter. Just looking for other theme styles.

    1. Yes, you can use any theme. Just make sure it’s wide enough on the pages. You also want a theme that lets you go full width to accommodate the templates. So, just to reconfirm, these 7 new dating templates are not themes. They are templates that you can add to any page to make it look like any of the 7 templates. While you can use any theme you want, we like the Dzonia because it has lots of options on it for styles.

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