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It’s always great to hear from our customers when they say that they just love their new Managed Dating Site. Here at, we pride ourselves on great customer service and great support. From time to time we receive great feedback from our customers about the dating software as well as how we operate. It’s what we do and we love doing it.

Below are just a few of the customer feedback we have received.

Love it, sites doing great on Google now!JohnE
The admin area is really extensive. Thanks for getting it all setup for us.Nancy
I like that it's for WordPress. That makes a huge difference in our seo tactics. Thank you again for all the help.Ning
So much better than the other dating app I had. Good work.Adam
Hey guys, thanks for all the help. I really do love this software. It's very nice. Very extensive.Thomas
I didn't know much about WordPress before this but now I love WordPress. You can do so much with it. It makes my dating site so much nicer. I like the way the eStore theme colors matched our logo right off the bat. Your customer service is top notch.Heritage
Responding within 2 minutes of my email is unheard of and especially when I'm not in the states. Thanks for all the information and helping us get it setup. The forums have been especially helpful.Norton
You guys rock. What else can I say. Christian helped us with the setup and Steve went above and beyond the call of duty by configuring our server with a new php.ini file. Glad I found you guys!JasonB
Thank you for your help today. I was a total noob!Tamiquia
My name is chris and I'm the owner of the website, DatingSolutions company and software has been a true treasure to find, they also have one of the most amazing support networks I have seen online to date.

l want to thank the team for one of the most valuable softwares for a dating company. We have tried many others, we just regret not trying DatingSolutions first. I would highly recommend DatingSolutions as a first choice every-time. Thanks again guys you have been and continue to be the best support to date.Chris
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