Communicate With the Members of Your Dating Site

Communicate With the Members of Your Dating Site

If you are reading this post then you probably have a dating site using WordPress Dating Plugin. And to deal with the tricky parts like retention of your members, getting them to upgrade them to the premium membership plans and to find out how to better manage your site – you can get the hints from your members through communication.

Let’s look at how you can manage communication effectively and get the most out of your dating site.

Use Notification Bar Messages
You can add some WordPress scripts such as notification bar plugin to post your messages for your members or even the visitors of your dating site. If you are throwing occasional discount offers on premium memberships, there’s a good chance of your members will upgrade theirs. You can also use these parts of your site to promote some local events – who knows… you may meet some of your dating site members there and get to chat up with them.

Send Newsletters at a Regular Interval
Newsletters are mostly about sending information to your members regarding the upcoming offers or changes in your site. If you are adding a new membership plan, you can send out a newsletter regarding this. Also you can send the newsletter about the blog posts that you have made on your site. An interesting newsletter to your members can be on the topics such as how to create an appealing dating profile. Wouldn’t they love to read and respond to that?

Create an Admin Profile
If you don’t want to create your admin profile in your own site, why would others prefer to create their profiles? A highlighted admin profile can encourage the members to discuss and conduct their activities in your site. For the people who have just started the online dating, you need to provide them guidelines, who better than admin can do that.

Add the active Members to your Friend List
Now this can prove as the best advertising technique. You can get opinions from you dating members; probably get them to invite more members to your site. These active members are more likely to upgrade their membership plans to the premium than the shy ones who just like to wait for other’s to approach them.

Write down blogs and request for comments
Write about the news of your local place, write about the happy stories or the stories about date of your members, it can basically be anything till the point it is about dating or about managing your dating site. Then request for suggestions in the comment box. This will help you gather the feedback on your posts and understand your members better.

The better you understand what they want, the better you become in managing your site and getting the maximum benefit out of it. It’s good when you engage with your members in a one way communication but you’ll reap the benefits if it is the both way. While communicating with your members, it’s necessary to remember this: Don’t go around spreading false news and don’t ever promise more than you can deliver.

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