Creating concepts for a dating website – Location, Attraction and Interests

Creating concepts for a dating website – Location, Attraction and Interests

Hiring services from someone closer to you or in regular contact with you is understandable. This way you will receive the service faster and it is more convenient. Similarly, when people look out for dating partners, they are attracted towards the dating profiles within their reach.

Starting a dating site based on a town or a city can not only help the residents of that place but also to those singles who are there on a business trip or vacationing. Now, if you have a specific area that attracts a lot of visitors, grabbing that name for your dating website and launching it before anyone else does can yield scalable revenues.

A few tips on creating the dating website based on the geographical location:

  1. Particular Location: As mentioned before check the popular places which attracts a lot of people, around the year if possible. Make sure to confirm the sustainability of that place. If you know in detail about a richly historic place, you can benefit from that information. Taking a look out of the convention – have you heard about the site called “JFK Airport Singles Meet-up” 😉
  2. Cultural Attractions: There are a lot of festivals that are celebrated at any place. Grab the most unique features of those festivals and you may have one of the best dating site’s concepts. If you target to start a dating site for strong and healthy people, does the concept of running of the bull (Pamplona encierro) click some idea?
  3. Common Interests: Birds of a feather flock together, right? Isn’t it definite that people with common interest hang around with each other longer and despite the differences? You may not find a lot of tomato lovers what if they did and they gathered around during the La Tomatina Festival. Those who like bird-watching or go hiking etc. can increase the number of niche for dating websites.

These are just the few. However, if you think of it, you can start a dating site mixing all the three concepts mentioned above. And you will get even more specific niche for your dating site which will be easy to target your potential members.

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