Importance of Selecting Theme for Dating Website

It takes a lot of time and effort to set up a dating website. There will be plenty of coding, analytical dealings and other complicated technical works involved with it. One of the integral parts of any website is the interface that general users interact with. That is the theme of your website.

When talking about dating websites, themes come up first on the priority list. Why? The website’s functionality is managed by administrator on the WordPress dashboard and from the Plugin setting. But, for general users, the website they are using should look good at first and then function correctly.

Here are a few ideas to point out the importance of theme selection while setting up a dating website.

Importance of Theme Selection to Attract New Users

-> Even when you go for shopping, you only try out the clothes first that catches your eyes first. It is the same with your users. If the first fold of your dating website is not appealing, people will not be interested to register or become a member.

->Since the full functionality dating website may not be available to unregistered users, you should be able to give an approximate picture of what to expect on the first fold of design.

->One thing that can never be missed on a dating website is the user profile. If you can categorize the users through your design, it can attract potential members.

->Generally, your users will be browsing the website from mobile and other platforms. Your dating website should be properly adjusted to the viewing scope of the devices. It is important that you select a responsive design.

Importance of Theme Selection to Retain Existing Users

Running a dating website doesn’t mean that you just collect a large profile base of users and neglect on the aspect of how frequently they are using it. Here are some tips related to website design that’ll help you to retain your existing users.

->Easy navigation counts a lot when question is about user friendliness. Try to keep the pages that your members use frequently within 1-3 clicks.

->Allow the option to use multiple color combinations in member profiles. This will help your users to create different identity. It is important that you make sure all those combination are equally appealing.

->Help your users on finding the possible dating match. This is mostly controlled by functionality of website but proper layout can keep the user engaged in your dating website.

If you have any other suggestions regarding dating theme or functionality of our WordPress Dating Plugin, feel free to send us suggestions and we will be happy to implement your suggestions on our dating themes.

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