Managed Vs Unmanaged Dating Solution

Meeting someone for a romantic relationship used to take a lot of effort and help from friends and families before dating websites became popular. But now, these sites have uncomplicated the social process and made it fairly simple whether you are willing to start a relationship or just find a date. However, some of these sites operate with clear understandings about the purpose of users whereas a few are just set up for the membership and random purpose without the specialization of a dating website.

Identifying Managed & Unmanaged Dating Website

So what are the differences between managed and unmanaged dating website?

  • First of all, managed dating websites are specifically designed with the intent to facilitate their users for dating whereas unmanaged dating websites are somewhat unclear or are unable to fulfill their purpose on the dating front.
  • The information on the profile page of each member is clear on managed dating websites. They are able to present a complete introduction of the profile owner. On the contrary, unmanaged dating websites are not efficient in serving the members’ profile information systematically.
  • Members and visitors may have to spend considerable amount of time to find what they are searching in the unmanaged dating website whereas managed dating website is simple and easy to use.
  • Managed dating website provides features like winks, personal messages or bulk messages to the members. It also provides the option to block the offensive users.
  • For website administrators, managed dating site offers options to control most of the features; the feature control may be applied throughout the website or just for a specific category of profiles.
  • The most important distinction about managed and unmanaged dating website is on the front about their scope. Where unmanaged dating sites try to gain members of all groups and categories, managed way of operating dating website focuses on specific niche markets.

If you are willing to enter the dating market by creating a managed dating website, we recommend you to use our WordPress dating plugin.

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